The Story Begins

A few friends who were only in their 20s decided to set up a small iron works business to start with, hoping to grow the business as the local economy in Singapore grew after Singapore’s independence in 1965. They decided to name it Hoe Hoe.

Hoe Hoe Iron Works was established as a metal works contractor in 1971, which marks the start of the company’s 50 years history. The first workshop was a simple old workshop situated at Jalan Ubi, a semi-rural part of eastern Singapore during the early years of the 1970s


Making a shift to Structural Steelworks specialization.

Hoe Hoe Engineering began taking projects that involved steel structures in the late 1970s. Despite the challenges then, the young Hoe Hoe team never gave up. They learned from every mistake made and continuously improved on the quality of the steelworks, which is the reason why HHE managed to win the trust of their customers over the years.


Hoe Hoe Iron Works moves to a new workshop
at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2


A New Workshop

Hoe Hoe Iron Works moved to a new workshop at the Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 in 1982, marking the beginning of another phase of the company’s journey.

A New Name

In 1983 Hoe Hoe Iron Works is renamed Hoe Hoe Engineering Pte Ltd as the company worked on more projects focusing on structural steelworks during the construction boom of the 1980s Singapore.


Hoe Hoe Engineering became one of the founding members of the
Singapore Iron Works Merchants Association


Founding Members Of SIWMA

Hoe Hoe Engineering became one of the founding members of the Singapore Iron Works Merchants Association (SIWMA). Representing Hoe Hoe Engineering (Pte) Ltd, our managing director, Mr Sik Hing, was involved in laying the foundation for the association, and witnessed its founding.

Following that, he went through SIWMA’s ups and downs together with fellow members. Today, he remains passionate towards his duties and proactively participates in various SIWMA related activities and programmes.


1st Generation MRT Projects


Hoe Hoe Engineering commences the structural steelworks for the 1st phase of the 1st generation MRT project at Ang Mo Kio station and Yio Chu Kang station under contract 402. These two stations are two of the five first generation MRT stations in Singapore. They were completed and started operation in 1987.

Ang Mo Kio

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Yio Chu Kang

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MRT Phase 2

Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Gombak & Bukit Batok Stations

Yishun & Khatib MRT Stations

Hoe Hoe Engineering completed the structural steelworks for two more stations connecting to the existing Yio Chu Kang station. Yishun and Khatib were the two stations connecting to Yio Chu Kang which were the five first generation MRT stations in Singapore. Both stations were completed ahead of schedule.

MRT Phase 2

Successful completion of Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Gombak & Bukit Batok Stations’ Structural Steelworks under Contract 405.

The structural steelworks of these 3 stations under one main contractor (Contract 405) were awarded to Hoe Hoe Engineering. The rooftops of these three stations share similar designs with those at Yishun and Khatib stations, which were completed two years earlier.

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SAFTI Military Institute

HHE successfully completed the structural steelworks of one of the most prominent military-related projects in the western part of Singapore. This is the SAFTI Military Institute, located within an 88 hectare campus in the Jurong West district.

SAFTI MI was officially opened in 1995 by the then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong. A prominent feature of SAFTI MI is the Tower, approximately 60m tall and is visible from many parts of western Singapore.


Changi International Airport


Hoe Hoe Engineering completes the structural steelworks & metalworks at Changi International Airport Terminal Two. The main work of the project was the secondary roof at the extension of the Airport Terminal Two.


A New Start to the 21st century


Woodlands Industrial Park

As the company required more land for fabrication works, machineries, storage of materials and a growing team, there came a decision to move to a bigger premise.

HHE decided that it was about time to stop the reliance on renting yards when the workshop ran out of space for fabrication of bigger structures. At the end of 1999, HHE moved to the Woodlands Industrial Park where it is still located today.


Changi NEWater Plant

Successful completion of the steel structures and pipe support works before the expected date of completion. The steelworks support wasn’t simple but our team put on their best effort to finish the works well within a very tight schedule, which made us proud.

The Changi NEWater Plant comprises of two sections. The main process facilities of the Changi NEWater Plant were built on the roof-top of the Changi Water Reclamation Plant while the storage tanks were built on land. This innovative “plant-on-plant” design was conceptualised by PUB to help to save land costs.